We are thankful to be gathering together once again in our beautiful Sanctuary!
We will also continue to stream LIVE for those that cannot join us in person.
We will continue to LIVE Stream on Facebook and Zoom for those that are unable to join us in person.

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If prompted for a password use: 888861

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To Join Worship by Telephone:

Step 1:​ Dial: 1-669-900-9128 

Step 2: ​ When asked to enter “The Meeting ID followed by pound”​ Dial: 870 8084 6315 # 

Step 3: You will be asked to enter your Participant ID which you do not need. Press # to move past this.

Step 4:​ You will be asked to enter “the passcode followed by pound”​​ Dial: 888861 #



On the first Easter the sun rose on a post-resurrection world. The suffering of the previous days were not erased, there was no reversal of the events, but there was the dawning of new life that rose up from all that had been lost.

This Easter the sun is slowly dawning to reveal the post-pandemic world. After a year entombed by Covid-19 we are getting ready to step out into resurrection light. However, we will not leave the past year behind but rather we will carry some hard-earned lessons forward into the new life God is raising up in and through us.

Please join us as we consider how to allow the lessons of the past year to inform how we move into the light of God’s future.  Each week we will take up a lesson from the pandemic alongside a spiritual practice such as walking, getting lost, encountering others from Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, An Altar in the World and hopefully find our next steps in the light of their interaction. 

Those who wish to go deeper into these practices are encouraged to get a copy of the book and read along. The book can be purchased on Amazon HERE