Welcome to Anaheim First Presbyterian Church!

We are a small, active congregation seeking to offer all people a spiritual home in an ever-changing world —and certainly we have experienced a lot of change since our founding in 1870! Yet, in war and peace, social unrest and progress, boom or bust we work together to love God and our neighbors. From our history of taking a stand against the KKK when they tried to infiltrate Anaheim, to offering Ash Wednesday blessings to passersby on Center Street, we seek to shine the light of God’s love in faith and service from the heart of Anaheim.

As an open and affirming community of faith we welcome all people, regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental ability, income, or political beliefs. At Anaheim First Presbyterian we don’t just tolerate differences, we seek to celebrate them. Committed to creating an environment where each person may give voice to their unique experience of God, we encourage one another to be agents of mercy, justice and love in our city. This means (among other things) that we are:

United and diverse,

Progressive and evangelical,

Rooted in history and stretching forward to the future,

Classic and energetic in worship,

Full of hope, energy and life!

When you walk through the doors of our church we want you to sense Christ’s life-changing presence, hear God speak in the Scriptures, be stirred by choirs and hymns, catch a vision of God’s unconditional love for each and every human life, and leave energized for to take up their mission in the world.

We invite you to take a look around our online home and get to know a bit about why we love being church together at Anaheim First Presbyterian – then come and join in some time!

If you would like more information, feel free to call us at (714-535-2176), sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, or contact Pastor Kim Skilling at pastorkim@anaheimfirstpres.org!


To learn more about our denomination: http://www.PCUSA.org and  http://www.losranchos.org

Daily Online Devotional    http://www.d365.org

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