Welcome to Anaheim First Presbyterian Church!

For nearly 150 years in the heart of Anaheim, we have strived to offer all people a spiritual home in an ever-changing world. The church is committed to offering spiritual nurture and challenge to its members and making a difference in the Anaheim community. From our history of taking a stand against the KKK when they tried to infiltrate Anaheim, to taking part in Anaheim’s weekly Farmer’s Market, we seek to shine the light of God’s love in faith and service from the heart of Anaheim.

As an opening and welcoming community of faith, we believe that God loves variety and our congregation reflects that richness. At Anaheim First Presbyterian we don’t just tolerate differences, we seek to celebrate them. We want to nurture the kind of environment where old and young alike can give voice to their unique experience of God, and encourage one another to be agents of mercy, justice and love in our city. We are:

United and diverse,

Progressive and evangelical,

Rooted in history and stretching forward to the future,

Classic and energetic in worship,

Full of hope, energy and life!

We want everyone who walks through the doors of our church to sense Christ’s life-changing presence, hear God speak in the Scriptures, be stirred by choirs and hymns, catch a vision of God’s incredible purposes for each and every human life and leave energized for to take up their mission in the world.

Does this sound like your kind of place? If so, come and join us sometime soon.

If you would like more information, feel free to call us at (714-535-2176), sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, or contact Pastor Kim Skilling at pastorkim@anaheimfirstpres.org!